Cecilware GB5M10-LD Powdered Beverage Dispenser



  • Fast Flow: Dispenses beverages 30% faster, reducing wear & tear on major dispenser components
  • Vacuum Steam Removal System: Ensures the powdered mix remains dry to eliminate clogging, caking and bridging
  • Moisture & Powder Collection Tray: Prevents excess moisture & product powder from reaching the vacuum motor.
  • Direct Drive Auger System: Ensures perfect hopper alignment & “silent running”.
  • Power Whip: Carefully whips the product into a delicious, creamy drink.
  • Self Cleaning: Rinse system is touch button easy & rinses the entire whipper chamber with hot water at the end of each cycle.
  • Quick Change Transparency: Simply lift up 2 tabs and pull out the graphic.
  • Right Hand Hinged Door
  • FAST Service: Front Access Saves Time, allows access to major components through the front of the dispenser.
  • Stainless Drip Trays: Allows for easy cleaning.
  • Easy Bulb Access: New style screw-in bulb.
  • Slanted Whipper Chamber: Provides optimal mixing of product & keeps it flowing away from the motor seal.

Options Available:

  • Portion Control: Allows an operator to automatically dispense a beverage into 1 (PC) or 3 (3PC) predetermined sizes.
  • Smartsense: Monitors cappuccino powder level, alerts operators when product hopper needs to be refilled, shuts off dispense mechanism on empty flavor hopper, and re-engages when hopper is refilled.
  • Hot Water Dispense Button: Allows an operator to offer soup or tea