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BUNN 37000.0000: iMIX® Dispenser with 5 Hoppers


• Capacity: iMIX-4: Four, 8-pound (3.6 kg) hoppers iMIX-5: Five, 8-pound (3.6 kg) hoppers
• Large, lighted front graphics for merchandising.
• 7-gallon hot water tank to meet peak serving times.
• Cup clearance at 7.25” (18.4 cm) to accommodate popular cup sizes (adjustable to 8.12” (20.6 cm)).
• Key service components easily accessible through front and top.
• High speed, heavy-duty whipper for complete product mixing.
• Front of machine access to tank drain, dump valves, auger and whipper motors and control board for  easy service.
• Key lock on the door prevents tampering.
• Contemporary styling for striking visual statement.
• Low product detection system alerts audibly and with message on display when hoppers are low.
• New digital technology adds night mode to prevent pilferage.
• Alphanumeric display communicates advertising messages, machine status and technical support contact information.
• Spring-loaded, all metal auger drive system for easy hopper installation.
• Front of machine set up and calibration.
• Auger motors with RPM feedback monitoring assure consistent flavors and profits by controlling powder dosing.
• Iced Coffee display available.

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